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Pre-Inspections For Home Sellers - Making a Clear and Confident Sale

Home inspection is a crucial part of any home sale. It clears the air of potential headaches and safety issues before a home changes hands to a new owner. Although I am speaking from an electrician’s point of view, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting a reputable home inspector to review your home. But it is just as important getting the plan of action and the figures from the contractors that will be doing the work. Whether you hire them, or the buyer does, at the end of the negotiations it is on your dime.

Far too often I get the call, “I have a conditional sale on my home and the buyer/inspector found these issues. Can you have a look and let us know what it will cost?” Normally this does not end with good news and can delay, if not completely halt, the sale. Waiting till the 11th hour to sort the skeletons in your home in front of a potential buyer is poor business. . . and that is exactly what the sale of your home is, business!

Now imagine instead. . . a conditional sale is in, the potential buyers send in their home inspector, and you are sitting calm and cool because you know EXACTLY what they will see. Better yet, what they will not see because you took the initiative to remedy the issues before you ever put the house on the market! By having your home pre-inspected, you discover any issues and can address them on your terms and on your schedule.

You can use the information to adjust your price and set a firm offer or properly project how far you are willing to negotiate the price on your home based on existing estimates for any remedial work. Alternatively, you can accept an estimate and choose to put your home’s best foot forward by just simply having no defects all while locking in at a price you agree with your contractors. . . not the buyer.

Pre-Inspections give you:

Your to-do list: Use this information to either adjust your price on your terms or to correct the issues, eliminating them completely!

Proof: You now have documentation proving the condition of your home. Furthermore, if you have taken remedial action, documentation from your contractors that things have been addressed competently help you defend every dollar your home is worth.

Peace of mind: You now truly know your home inside and out. You have effectively mitigated any surprises that can hinder or halt the sale of your home.

Confidence: You can now stand firm on your sale and defend its true value. You can pre-plan negotiation boundaries to allow you to quickly and efficiently counter offer.

Time: By taking the initiative, you can now move forward on your schedule and substantially mitigate delays from your side on a conditional sale.

Do yourself a big favor, get your home pre-inspected!



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